Autumn deWilde’s production of Emma (2020) is as delightful as its trailer promised–without the clumsy humor that one of the trailers unfortunately suggested. (I mention the latter only because some people I talked to before the movie’s release said they doubted they’d go based on the apparent pandering to modern humor. Never fear. DeWilde has a light touch, and the movie is a treat.) Alexandra Byrne’s costume designs are a love letter to the Regency era, and show her deep knowledge of it–and evident appreciation of it. But I’m not writing at length about it here. Instead, see my guest post at Willow and Thatch.

Willow and Thatch is a wonderful blog whose posts address period dramas from all angles–not just costumes, but reviews, design inspiration, seasonal themes, and more. In February, its owners invited me to write a post on the topic of my choice. Since movie theaters were being shut down you-know-why, and the new Emma was about to be available to stream, we agreed it would be timely for me to write about its costumes. So instead of going into a long discussion here, find my analysis and explanations here:

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