In this series, I’ll do brief posts focusing on a book on costume or social history. Some will be recent releases; others will be classics that I think should be in the library of anyone interested in studying historic dress. Sometimes I’ll take something from my far-too-large TBR (to be read) pile (which is not a literal pile any more, as it’s big enough to topple!) and finally get to it and report in. Some will be more general history. Some will be topics surrounding the writings, life, and social history of the age of Jane Austen, just because she’s one of my favorite authors, her lifetime is my favorite period, and there is so much good stuff to read about her and her era.

Not the actual TBR pile, although I’ll probably get to many of these before long.

I don’t have access to free books from publishers, so I don’t need to post any disclaimers; I have no axe to grind or reason to plug anyone’s book. And I won’t be doing full-blown reviews. I’ll just call your attention to some books I think are worthwhile for anyone who shares an interest in dress history and related topics.

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